Tuesday, October 04, 2011

National cinnamon bun day!


October Fourth is the national cinnamon bun day in Sweden - Kanelbullens Dag.

This day is actually getting a lot of attention. All the bakeries are filled with fragrant buns, the food bloggers are all sharing their favorite recipes, and a lot of workplaces are serving cinnamon buns for their afternoon "fika", which is one of the more important cultural peculiarities about Sweden. (And a subject on which I must write more...)

I have several recipes. The ones above are cinnamon "knots", a sort of twisted bun.


Regular buns.


Buns free from eggs and dairy.


And finally, American style sticky cinnamon rolls. Not traditional in Sweden, but delicious.


James Churchfield said...

Hej Anne,

I got in to the spirit too here in Cornwall and made some cinnamon buns for my work colleagues at BBC Radio Cornwall. They loved them! See my efforts for yourself - http://twitter.com/#!/BBCCornwallJC/status/120959976914157569/photo/1

Anonymous said...

You are making me SO hungry!!! I leave for the grocers soon and am just going to have to celebrate Sweden's national cinnamon bun day:)
And later this autumn, when I have time, I will have to make your beautiful, yummy looking cinnamon knot buns!! Cardamon---yum:)

Amanda Campbell said...

Those look delicious! I'm from the United States, and our cinnamon buns definitely don't look as yummy as yours! But we always put icing on ours which has to be my favorite part, do you guys in Sweden put salt on yours it looks like?

Anne said...

Amanda, we never have icing (Swedes in general find it too sweet), but the white thing isn't salt either. It's large sugar crystals, called pearl sugar.

umrella said...