Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Wednesday Bookmarks - October 5, 2011

Well, I sure am not posting these every Wednesday, as I had planned. Then again, some weeks I barely bookmark anything at all, so there wouldn't be that much to post...

I have a lot of things to share today though! First of all, I discovered a new to me food blog - The Homesick Texan. Almost everything on her blog looks awesome, but I'm especially eager to try Gingerbread Pancakes, a very approachable mole sauce and her uncle's granola. She's also written a cookbook which promptly went on my wishlist.

Joy The Baker doesn't just post about baking, you know. She recently shared a yummy edamame and avocado salad that's sure to hit most of my cravings in a single bowl.

After a salad, surely there's room for dessert. Two desserts, actually. Cheesecake stuffed strawberries, which I simply must remember until next summer when I can actually get strawberries again, and then salted peanut caramel clusters. Mmmm.

And as usual, for all my bookmarks (enough to keep me cooking for pretty much the rest of my life, I believe), go here.


Mia Ahlström said...

Haha! *triumferande*
Jag bor ju i Kalifornien, så tack för tipset om cheesecakejordgubbarna! Ska försöka testa detta recept i helgen - det lät nästan för gott för att vara sant!

Anne said...

Åh, det är bara att gratulera :)