Who am I?
I'm a Swedish foodie, 30-something, with two little kids, two cats and a husband. We live outside of Stockholm, Sweden. I work full-time in politics, for Folkpartiet Liberalerna in Nacka.

How do I get in touch with you? 
There's a contact form on the blog, right-hand column. Try that!

Can I borrow your pictures? 
No. You can ask, but as a rule, no.

Can I re-publish your recipes? 
Usually not, but ask and we shall see. I might allow it if it's for a non-commercial cause, and you give proper credit and links.

Can I use your feed on my own page? 
No. Never.

I work for a PR agency/producer/publisher, can I send you samples/stuff/books? 
Sure. However, I won't promise to write about it. If I do write, I'll give you my honest opinion, whether I like it or not.

Can I do a guest post? 
As a rule, no. My blog is my own, my personal space. If you truly want to share something with my readers - maybe. If you're just looking for a link to your page, then no.

Can we do a link exchange?
I usually don't participate in link exchanges, and especially not with commercial sites. I link to blogs and sites that I like, and I think the Internet will be a happier place if more people did so. I'm certainly not ignorant to SEO and PageRank, but since my site is non-commercial, I really don't care all that much about it.

Can I pay you to write about my product? 
I might consider a sponsored blog post, but then it'd be completely clear that it was indeed, sponsored. I won't pretend that I'm writing out of interest, when I'm being compensated. It's not only immoral, it's actually against Swedish tax laws.

How about ads?
I'll accept ads, sometimes.

Can you host a giveaway for this product/cookbook/kitchen-related stuff I have? 
Ok - I occasionally have contests or giveaways, and I like to work with companies to provide cool stuff. But since I have readers from all over the world, I strongly prefer that you're prepared to ship to whoever wins, wherever.

Why do you blog in English?
It just started out that way. When I first started blogging, there weren't that many food blogs. The ones I followed - and wanted to interact with - were all in English. So it felt natural to blog in English, too. Most Swedes know English very well, so it makes sense to me to use the more well-known language.

I'm coming to Sweden, can I have some travel tips? Can we meet up? 
Maybe! I love meeting people and if time allows, I'm happy to meet up for a cup of coffee. I'm not of much help for restaurant tips though as I very rarely eat out. I have a short guide to Stockholm here.

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