Saturday, August 25, 2007

Another visit to Taxinge


I've told you about Taxinge slott before, twice. Well, we made a return visit, bringing Dagmar and her husband Fredrik with us this time. It was absolutely crowded, as there was an auction going on outside, but the cakes were as delicious as always. Although, as Dagmar found out the hard way - your eyes are often hungrier than you are, when faced with such a big selection.

Per's cake - a Sacher torte and a raspberry jam square. Incidentally exactly what he had the last time, too.

Dagmar's plate.

Mine - a mocha cake and a hazelnut cookie.

I didn't manage to take a photo of Fredrik's plate, but he had Princess Cake and a Bailey's "biskvi".


Anonymous said...

The cakes and ice cream look so very good!

Dagmar said...

Yes, that was way too much for me *lol* But we had a great time though, thanks for a very nice day :-)

Elin said...

oh dear, did you miss Taxinge Krog? The little brick house on the left side before you arrive to castle? Its lovely, you must stop next time!

Anne said...

Elin, I've seen it several times, but we've never been in the area for dinner, just coffee. I'll make a special visit for it :)

Elin said...

you should! and you better be hungry :)