Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Taxinge Slott

The view from a walkway at Taxinge

I've had a miserable day. Work is hysterical - we're one month from the elections, and since I work with politics full time, well, you can imagine. Things haven't been going well at home either - our new fridge and freezer are acting up, and to top it off even my espresso machine decided to go on strike today.

My cake - it had mocca buttercream and merengue

So. What better than to look at photos and think about some of the fun things I've done this summer? This batch is from Taxinge Slott, where I went with fellow food blogger Kristina to check out an art exhibition, and to eat cake.

A pistachio "biskvi" - it's a macaroon base with buttercream filling

Taxinge is known as the "cake castle", and they have an absolutely amazing pastry buffet with all kinds of yummy stuff. I didn't take a picture of the pastry room, but there are some on their webpage.

Kristina's plate

Taxinge is located about an hour from Stockholm, and well worth a visit! And now, unfortunately, it's back to work for me.

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