Monday, August 14, 2006

Blog Party # 13: Pea Chèvre Crostini and Watermelon Agua

I've never managed to participate in Blog Party before (or have I? I can't remember, but I don't *think* so...) so this time, I'll come early. This event is hosted by Stephanie at Dispensing Happiness, and the theme is no-cook. This little appetizer has served me and my friends well this summer. It takes mere minutes to put together, and it's a real conversation piece due to it's appearance. I usually ask people to try a piece before telling them that the green stuff? Yes, it's peas. and it's been successful so far.

I made it with broad beans the first time, but it works well with peas too. I use frozen ones, just leaving to thaw for a few minutes. The recipe is from a magazine - I *think* it was Good Food, but I'm not completely sure.

You can top them off with a little chopped mint. I used that the first time, but I didn't really like the flavor combination.

Pea Chèvre Crostini
Makes 20 crostini

-100 g green peas or broad beans (peeled). Thawed if using frozen, blanched if using fresh.
-1-2 cloves of garlic, peeled
-olive oil
-50 g chèvre cheese
-20 crostini
-fresh mint, optional

Put peas (or broad beans) and garlic in a small bowl, and blend with an immersion blender. (Or use a food processor.) Add olive oil until you have a smooth paste, and season with salt and pepper. Keep cool until ready to eat.

Spread on crostini and top with crumbled chèvre, and if you'd like, a sprinkling of fresh mint. Serve right away so the crostini won't become soggy.

Stephanie also asked for a coctail. Well, I've been leaning towards non-alcoholic while it's been so hot, and a real cooler has been the Watermelon Agua. It's simple - just blend watermelon flesh, a bit of sugar and water in a blender, and let it run through a filter to get rid of the slushy bits. (Or don't - they're good too.) Mix in the juice of a lime, and then lots of cool water. Perfect.

Crostini med bondbönor och chèvre


Shelly said...

Anne, your photos just keep getting better and better, the Crostini look amazing....I am definitely going to try the Watermelon Agua...HOW EASY!

Alanna said...

Oh so easy! And with frozen peas, could be a year-round standby as well. Very nice!

Foodie's Hope said...

OOOOH! I like it!! Any savoury snack is welcome in my kitchen.

Crostini almost sounds like Indian chaat (finger licking snacks)!!