Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Red Deer

We ate a really lovely red deer steak the other day. Tesse made this for our 13-course dinner, and it was so good we decided to have it a few days later. It was really simple, too - I let a whole small steak (about 700 g) marinate in a mixture of red wine, balsamic vinegar, some soy sauce, juniper berries, barbecue sauce and possibly something more - can't remember exactly, for about 24 hours. Then I cooked it in a warm oven (about 150°C) until it reached a temperature of 62°C. I let it rest, wrapped in foil, while I made the potato gratin, which was my usual simple recipe but with the addition of sliced carrots. Super tasty!

Red deer is really, really cheap in my local store, which makes no sense at all since it's imported from New Zealand. Not ideal, really, as I prefer to buy food that has not travelled the world, but still a very decent buy.


Anonymous said...

Looks good!
Hope you are having a better day today.

Anonymous said...

Looks delicious! I hope your having a better (fire-free) day today!

Anonymous said...

Fabolous recipe, will definitely try this some day soon!

Though on the food transport point, there are unfortunately no conclusive evidence whatsoever that it is worse for the environment to buy food from far away than from your local farmer. Given the climate in NZ, I would even go as far as suggesting that it would be better for the environment to produce food there and then transport it to less agrivulturally efficient countries such as Sweden.

'Nuf said - now back to dreweling over your deer ;)

Anonymous said...

13? 13 courses? Maybe I should fly you into my little Seattle, WA city and beg you to cook for me! Sounds delish!

Anne said...

Kristen & Logan - thank you :) No fire today! Major toothache though, but I hope tomorrow will be better.

Sven, thank you for your point of view! You're right, there are really a lot of aspects to consider. And this one does sound reasonable - maybe I shouldn't feel bad at all then :)

Talkoftomatoes - oh yes! Check out the full menu here.

Rachael Narins said...

That just sent SHIVERS down my spine...eek. You are a brave woman.