Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Meme: You are what you eat

Sailu and Raquel tagged me in this fun foodie meme, and asked me to list my ten favorite foods. Well. That's a list that changes a bit from day to day, but.. sure, in rough drafts, I can do it!

1. Quesadillas and Guacamole
See picture above. I eat this if not every week, then definitely every other week. Seriously. Whenever Per and I are feeling grumpy and don't know what to eat - we look at each other and instantaneous burst out "Quesadillas!" Best food in the world.

2. Pelmeenid
This is what I grew up with as the most special food in the world. I love it. It's so incredibly tasty and so very different. Very comforting.

3. Mom's Chicken Curry
My mom makes the best chicken in curry sauce. I love it. It's very simple - a mild, smooth curry sauce, and plain cooked chicken. Over rice. That's it. I love it. I never make it myself, it's much more special when made by mom.

4. Kraft Macaroni & Cheese
Yeah, really. Don't laugh. I love that orangey stuff! I really, really, really do! We don't have fake cheese here!

5. Pasta Bianco
Decidedly a strong candidate for "most comfort, least effort". Tasty, creamy, garlicky, fatty.. what more could you want? (A heart attack, maybe?)

6. Caesar Salad
Delicious, almost regardless of how it's made or presented. I love just about every version of this.

7. Risotto
Again, almost all risottos are winners in my book. It's the creaminess that gets me. Mm!

8. Chocolate
Enough said, really.

9. Strawberries and pineapples
A tie between my two favorite fruits.

10. Fresh coriander
I discovered this - cilantro - when I was an exchange student in Long Beach, CA. Oh my god. What was this mysterious herb? Where could I found it? Thankfully, a couple of years ago, coriander became popular here too, and it's now readily available. It's probably replaced basil as my favorite herb!

Ok, so who should I tag for this? Let's pick five fun food bloggers:

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sailu said...

That was an interesting read.Coriander is my fav herb too and I use it generously in most of my cooking ...esp in curries ..
Thanks for sharing your fav foods,Anne.

Ilva said...

Anne-thanks for tagging me, I really appreciate it but I was tagged 10 days ago and posted about it last week (
I agree on 6,7,8 and 9 and you made me very curious about the Quesadillas...

Sam said...

I don't understand why you haven't got toast and marmite on your list?

Anne said...

Ilva - ohh! That's what I get for not having you on my rss-list.. the feed doesn't work for me!

You do have to try quesadillas. It's so good. Maybe a little "trashy" - but god, I love it.

Sailu - I really need to try more Indian cooking! Still waiting for that Biryani recipe!! :)

Sam - oh, you don't? Honestly, I've never really tried it. I had a jar sent to me from an Aussie paypal ages ago (when I was.. ten? Twelve?) and that was nasty. Could have been Vegemite, though. I should try it again, perhaps. :)

Sam said...

Hey Anne - i worked in Sweden for about 6 weeks once, in Goteborg.
I made a big plate of bread and butter with marmite on top for my Swedish work colleagues and they all loved it.

I dont find vegemite as good as marmite, personally.

I actually bought the marmite in Goteborg's indoor market.

And the excellent bread and butter too.

I think that the Swede's make the best sandwiches and cakes ever!

Anne said...

Sam, I had no idea! I'm sure Marmite is available in some of the larger supermarkets, and definitely in the food halls. I should pick up a (small) jar. I wonder if the cats will like it if I don't.. :)