Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Crock-Pot Ricecooker


I've always wanted a good rice cooker. I've eyed those expensive Japanese ones, and I've really wanted one of those, but they're not easy to get here and besides, they're SO expensive. We bought a super cheap one a few years ago, and hated it. Then a few weeks ago, we were browsing at a kitchen-stuff store and decided on a whim to get this one. It's pretty nice! I like that it has a steam basket on top so you can steam something while cooking the rice, or just use it for steaming.

Still, I need to work on the rice. Maybe use a specific type of rice? First try came out way too soft and mushy. Second attempt was ok, but not great. Any tips for me?


Chanterelle said...

You are not alone. A former New York Times food editor writes about her quest to make better rice:


I'm not patient enough to pay attention to the rice--the rest of the meal is so much more interesting! So now I just ask my husband to make the rice! He does pretty well, too. Maybe Titus...? ;-)

Barbara said...

I use Thai rice mostly, that fragrant rice that they sell at stores with Asian food. Not really organic, but...

When I use a normal rice cooker, I pour in the rice and just as much water as the surface of the rice plus 1 finger. I guess you had too much water in the steamer.

Best success!

Anonymous said...

Tror det är extra viktigt att skölja riset flera gånger när man kokar ris i riskokare. När man sköljer riset tar man ju bort en del av stärkelsen, som gör riset "grötigt". Skölj tills sköljvattnet inte är vitt, utan helt klart.

Clarissa said...

The rice itself is the gauge for how much water to put it when using the rice cooker. If you are using jasmine rice, there is actually a differentiation of new crop or old crop rice. New Crop rice grains normally needs less water than what is normally instructed. For example, rice cooker usually have markings on the side along with the supplied rice cup. If you use 1 cup, you add to the 1 marking etc. If the rice is new crop, you should put slightly less than the 1 marking. Its trial and error in the beginning everytime a new bag of rice is open, but you learn from the characteristic. If you are using sushi rice, its more important to wash it until it is clear.

Anonymous said...

RINSES ARE CRUCIAL, also this precise resting time thing is legit: http://www.justhungry.com/2003/11/japanese_basics_1.html