Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Quick dinner idea - Fried Rice Carbonara Style


 We usually eat together as a family, every night. However, sometimes Per or I are working late and then it's just me (or him) and the kids. On those occasions, we usually opt for something quick and simple - not that we're doing any advanced cooking on the other nights, for sure. This came to be on one such evening. We all liked it a lot - real comfort food!

So, what it was: I cut up and fried about 70 g of bacon until it started to crisp up. I added a few cups of leftover rice, and fried until that was heated through. I then added a little bit of cream and an egg which I quickly stirred in. Finally some frozen corn, and a good grating of parmesan cheese. I had some peas with as well, as did Dante - Titus doesn't like them so I served them on the side.

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