Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Our Thanksgiving Dinner


I haven't cooked a Thanksgiving dinner for a few years now - not since the kids were born. I remember planning for it, when Titus was a baby, and my sister said "oh, but do you really feel up to doing all that cooking?" and I remember feeling.. no. No, I really didn't. So we cancelled, and it remained cancelled until this year when I suddenly felt excited about it again.

Thanksgiving is obviously an all-American holiday, and certainly not something most Swedes know or care about. I happen to like it, the strong emphasis on family and being thankful. And I like cooking festive meals. So it's perfect, really.


We kept it simple, though. Per wanted to try smoking the turkey in our Weber Smokey Mountain, and HEY, that was excellent. I gave the bird a simple salt rub on the day before, and kept it in the fridge. He lit up the smoker and got it to about 325-350°F, and it stayed at that temperature (which is pretty high for the smoker) the entire time. Our turkey weighed 4,2 kilos (or just under 9 pounds) and took a little less than three hours. It came out with bronzed skin and super moist interior. Delicious!

I also roasted potatoes, served a morel sauce (bought frozen from Picard!), some red currant jelly, a slaw with brussel sprouts & walnuts, brown butter carrot mash, and a very unorthodox version of creamed corn.  For dessert, a saffron white chocolate cake, with warm raspberries and whipped cream.


Alicia Foodycat said...

I'm a fan of Thanksgiving too. I want the UK to introduce a secular, non-commercial holiday at the end of January when everyone is cold and miserable.

aimee said...

SO neat that you celebrated Thanksgiving! Your menu sounds yummy--I especially like the idea of a smoked turkey and the carrot mash! Even reading about it makes me hungry:)
We like Thanksgiving for the same reasons you gave AND the fact that, try as they might, American stores have not been able to commercialize it too much--yet.
Advent Blessings to you + your family,
PS: Almost St. Lucia's Day!

Fröken Dill said...

Köra kalkon i röken - SMART!