Thursday, July 25, 2013

Overnight bread


Another version of overnight bread! It was quite nice to bake - the dough is nice and firm and not sticky.

Overnight bread

So, the night before you plan to have these for breakfast, mix:

250 ml cold water
a little bit of fresh yeast - I didn't measure but used about 10 grams
40 g rye flour (or wholewheat)
350 g all-purpose flour (or strong bread flour if you prefer)
1 tsp honey
2 tsp neutral oil

and knead into a dough with good gluten development. I ran my Kitchen-Aid for about ten minutes, then did some kneading by hand, too.

5 g salt

And knead again until the salt has "disappeared" into the dough.

Shape the dough into a ball and place in a clean bowl. Cover with plastic and stick it in the fridge over night.

And then, when morning comes... take your dough and shape it however you want - small buns, or one large loaf. Heat your oven as far as it will go, while you let the bread sit at room temperature.

When the oven is hot, turn it down to 225°C and bake until done. Sorry for that unprecise time measure, but it will depend on what shape you choose. My small breads took about 15 minutes, but large loaves will need more time.

If you'd like to score your breads, cut them with a sharp knife or razor just before baking. I cut a little too far which caused my bread to bloom out all crazy, but I need to practise a little bit more.


Unknown said...

Yes i'll make one of this overnight bread recipe. Do i need to have some special kind of ingredient to make this one or just enough of the given ones?.

Anne said...

No, nothing special. I'm sure you can use dry yeast too, but I'm unsure of the amount. I always bake with fresh.

Unknown said...

I am interested why you added the salt later, does it effect the kneading? Thanks.

Anne said...

It does - salt can affect the gluten development, so it's a good idea to add it later.