Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Black Currant Macarons


So, I finally tried out a new method for macarons - the one using Italian (or Swiss?) meringue. That means you cook sugar and water to a specific temperature, and whisk into foamy egg whites to make a really shiny meringue. The method is a bit fiddlier than my usual one and the macarons themselves are slightly different.

-no need for room temperature egg whites
-they're whiter and shinier, probably because the meringue itself is, too.
-the batter is a little stiffer, making it a bit easier to pipe
-they dried a bit faster before baking
-I baked them for a slightly shorter time, and a slightly warmer oven than I usually do - about 160°C for 10 minutes.
-They all got feet, but some were a little lopsided.

For the filling, the only hard part is making the black currant purée, but it's worth the effort! I'll share that, but not the recipe for the shells - it needs some perfecting.

 Black Currant Macarons

Black Currant filling:
about 100 g black currants, fresh or thawed - enough to yield 50 g purée
2 tbsp cream
125 g white chocolate, finely chopped
2 tsp honey

Make the purée - finely mix the black currants and press through a sieve. Make sure you have 50 g of purée.

Mix the purée with the cream, chocolate and honey in a saucepan. Heat gently and stir to combine. Pour into a piping bag and cool until it's thick enough to pipe. (Count on a few hours for this step.)


Matarkivet said...

Så himla snygga!

Jag som fortfarande inte tagit tag i att baka macarons, vilken teknik/vilket recept skulle du rekommendera? Vill ju inte misslyckas...

Anne said...

Ja... svårt att säga. De här blir plattare med lite mindre fot, tycker jag. Men de andra är enklare... Nä, gör båda varianterna, så ser du vad du trivs bäst med. Och dagens tips: det går INTE när det regnar.

LoLy said...

WOW, totally looooooooooooving it..


Matarkivet said...

Tack för hjälpen! Då börjar jag med ett lättare recept först och testar detta därefter.

Och sista tipset är guld värt eftersom jag bor i regniga London. Tack!

Unknown said...

wow your macarons are wonderful !!
http://i-dolci-di-vale.blogspot.it/ now i follow your blog and i hope you follow my blog too... :) byeee

Sugar Baby said...

So beautiful, and the color of the filling is spectacular!