Friday, September 07, 2012

Beijing 8

Me and Dagmar finally made it to Beijing 8, one of several dumpling restaurants that have popped up quite recently in Stockholm. We tried the pork and the chicken dumplings - they also had duck, salmon, and veggie, but you couldn't split your order which I found mildly annoying. Chicken was really good, a bit spicy. Pork was mild and juicy. The plum-ginger dipping sauce was great but I wasn't a big fan of their cilantro-chili.

Orders came with cabbage doused with sesame oil, and tea was complimentary. A bonus point for the bright pink lids! (although a minus point for the scruffy bathroom.)

There are some interesting side orders on the menu, which is good if you're hungrier than we were. As it was, we were headed for gelato at StikkiNikki afterwards...

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