Monday, July 09, 2012

Basic Waffles

I recently found a Belgian waffle iron on sale, and couldn't resist buying it. Swedish waffles are thin and large, while Belgian (and usually US) are smaller but thicker. In time, I'll try actual Belgian waffles, made from a yeasted batter, but I also wanted to find a good basic waffle recipe. My first try was this one - called the Greatest Waffle Recipe Ever. Was it? Well... Probably not. But pretty good, nonetheless.

So - what is YOUR favorite recipe? I want something that works well for breakfast, and ideally one that freezes well so I can re-heat them in the toaster. (That worked pretty well with these ones, actually.)

We served them with delicious apple wedges, fried in butter, sugar and plenty of cinnamon. All to make up for the fact that the waffles are unsweetened, of course. We also had pancake syrup - we normally keep maple syrup at home, but were given a huge bottle of pancake syrup and we want to use it up. To do that, we let Titus, our three-year old, pour it himself - pretty successful method! He was pouring, and I said pointedly "well, someone has a lot of syrup!" and he replied, blissful, "Titus has a lot of syrup!"

Basic Waffles
220 g flour
1,5 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
2 egg yolks
125 ml canola oil
420 ml milk
2 egg whites

Stir together the dry ingredients. Pour in the egg yolks, oil and milk, and mix lightly into a lumpy (but not too lumpy) batter. Separately beat the egg whites until stiff, and fold into the batter.

Fry in a hot waffle iron. Serve right away, or cool them on a rack - do not stack on a plate, or they'll be very soggy.


Chanterelle said...

Your waffle recipe looks awfully...healthy. You want butter in there!

When you find a yeasted waffle recipe, make sure it uses pearl sugar. The caramelized crunchy bits are characteristic and delicious.

MT said...

That looks pretty good, I want a waffle maker too but really have no space in my kitchen anymore.

Marvine said...

"Everyday I'm Waffle-in." :)

Annika said...

My go-to toppings are whipped cream and strawberries or simply powdered sugar

- Annika

KParis said...

My favorite yeas waffle is from Marion Cunningham, who rewrote the Fanny Farmer Cookbook. she recently died and the local paper did an amazing tribute that includes the recipe.

I've made te waffles with pear sugar. they're delightful! I like them more "on the go" then a meal thugh. a link to the raised waffles.