Monday, December 12, 2011

Time to bake your Lucia-buns


Tomorrow is Lucia, which is not exactly a holiday in Sweden but it's always much celebrated. It's the darkest day of the year, which means that once it's passed, it gets lighter. We celebrate this by having a Lucia procession - it's usually in all schools and pre-schools, and there are often performances in larger workplaces as well as in some shopping malls and of course, at Skansen. (Read more about this fairly peculiar custom on Wikipedia.) Me, I can't wait to see Titus pre-school's Lucia procession. It will be unbearably cute, I'm sure.

So... where do the buns come in? Not sure how then came into being, actually, but they're delicious so do make some.

Traditional plain Lucia Buns

Saffron buns with Almonds

Almond-filled Saffron buns

Saffron buns with white chocolate


Anonymous said...

Hi Anne!
Just a small correction. The shortest day of the year is marked by the winter solstice, which this year is on the 22nd of December. /Martin

Anne said...

Yes - that is technically right.. yet everyone seems to still spread the idea that it's Lucia, even though it's not really. I suppose it's folklore :)