Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cookbook Watch - some new Christmas cookbooks

Well, not all of them are completely new - Ebbas Julstök by Ebba and Åsa Swanberg came out last year, but it's new to me. And a really nice and sweet book, as it happens. It's divided into four chapters, for the four weeks of advent, and has everything from candy and bread to gift ideas and crafty tips. It's probably my favorite of the bunch, as it's so friendly.

My second favorite is Mia Öhrn's latest book, Julens Godsaker. It's all about candy and baked goods, and since Mia is one of my favorite pastry chef.. no wonder this book is so good. Her recipes are really approachable, and not overly complicated. On top of my to-try list is her milk chocolate truffles rolled in toasted hazelnuts.

Johanna Westman's Julgodis came out last year but has been updated with a new edition this year, with lots of new recipes. We're planning to eat finger-food on Christmas eve, so I was happy to see a whole section on that. Bacon-wrapped dates is a classic, but serrano-wrapped pineapple was a new idea for me. A good one, too!

Finally, Pernillas Jul by Pernilla Wahlgren. Tons of recipes, and - be forewarned - tons of cutesy photos of Pernilla herself and her very photogenic home and family. Pernilla is a singer (well, originally) and not very known for her cooking, but judging by this book, she's not by any means lost in the kitchen.


r4 said...
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Cupcakesfluffan said...

Vill ha alla :-) Mia Öhrns och Johanna Westman har jag lånat på biblioteket

Erika said...

I love cookbooks :)

Me And My Sweets said...

Perfekta julklappstips! Tack för det! :-) Jag har precis startat min bak blog, titta gärna in och kom med tips och idéer.