Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday bookmarks, October 19

Time to check out some delicious things I've bookmarked in the past few weeks! I hope you'll find something tasty - and maybe new bloggers, too!

October is definitely soup season for me. Luckily, my little boy loves soups - he won't touch sauces, but soup is fine. (In fact, if you pour sauce into a bowl, he'll eat it.) This Bacon, Potato and Leek soup by Sweetsugarbean looks great.

How about some crackers to go with that soup? Petite Kitchenesse has a recipe for homemade cheez-its that looks great! I can't say I've ever had cheez-its but I'm sure these ones are even better.

AAAND over to the sweets. Titus has recently discovered candy, which I'm not thrilled about. We have to teach him how it's not for every day, and that some kinds are better than others. I'd feel ok about him having these Chocolate Peanut Butter treats, though! (And I'd definitely feel ok about having them myself.) Thanks Daily Bites!

If there's one kind of macaron I'm dying to make, it's one with salted caramel. I haven't dared yet, fearing that the filling would be too runny, but now that Kuala Lumpur sur Seine has posted a recipe from Pierre Hermé, I have to try it.

And finally a Swedish recipe, from the blog Trattoria. She's posted a recipe for brownies with walnuts and ginger - an excellent pairing, and they look intensely fudgey and dense. Yum!

And as usual, for all my bookmarks, go here.

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sweetsugarbean said...

Hi Anne! I'm so happy my bacon, potato and leek soup caught your eye! It definitely is a bowl of comfort on a cold Canadian (or Swedish!) night.