Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday bookmarks, September 14

We're on our second week with Middagsfrid, so I haven't had that much to share with you food-wise. I miss the creative part of cooking - while it's convenient having groceries delivered, it's just not much fun. So, this will be the last week - it was fun to try, but it's not really our thing.

Anyway! Let's link to some awesome-looking recipes! (And you can find more links at my Delicious page)

I keep bookmarking more things to try in my crock-pot - it's just the perfect kitchen help, really. I find myself in a rush when I get home from work and have picked up Titus, so having dinner pretty much finished = perfect. I want to make this Summer Chicken Chili from Back to Her Roots, this Peach Pulled Pork and maybe these Tamale Balls - I'm hesitant, having never tried a tamale, but it sounds good!

I reviewed Rachael Ray's cookbook Look + Cook a while ago. I ended up giving it to a friend, but not before bookmarking her Saffron Carbonara. Looks great - just the thing for a rainy night!

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