Friday, June 17, 2011

Cold-Rise Breakfast Bread


I'll be quick, because I need to get into the kitchen to whip up another batch of these for tomorrow's breakfast. And so do you.

Because these are great! Brilliant! Really, really good bread for almost no effort at all. All you have to do is mix a dough - by hand, no need for kneading - let it sit in the fridge overnight, do some mimimal shaping, and toss in a hot oven.

People, anyone can do this.

I use Swedish rågsikt which is a specific flour mixture containing about 60% wheat flour and 40% rye. You can most definitely mix your own, or just use wheat flour if you'd prefer that.

Cold-Rise Breakfast Bread

From the brilliant bread blogger Pain de Martin

10 g fresh yeast
400 ml cold water
540 g rågsikt or just all-purpose wheat flour
10 g salt
25 g honey

Mix everything - just mix, don't knead. Place in a bowl and cover with plastic. Place in the fridge over night.

In the morning, take your dough and tip onto a well-floured surface. Pull it into a long rectangle, and fold length-wise so that you have a long and skinny rectangle.

Brush with water and top with some seeds if you have them - I used sunflower and linseed. Press gently, so that the seeds don't fall off. Sprinkle with flour.

Heat the oven to 275°C, and pre-heat a baking sheet as well. When the oven, and the sheet, are hot, remove the sheet. Cut your dough into about ten pieces, and place on the hot baking sheet. Lower the heat to 225°C, and bake for about 10-15 minutes.

Please note: I use a fan-assisted oven, and your oven times might vary. Trust your instinct.

Recipe in Swedish:
Kalljäst frukostbröd på rågsikt


Aveen said...

These look and sound wonderful! I'm bookmarking this so I can mix the dough tomorrow night and bake them on Sunday morning - perfect to use up the last of my gooseberry jam.

Ruth said...

Definately one to try. I love Martin's blog!

Anonymous said...

A yeast bread I can make quickly without my bread machine--bless you:)I am adding this to my recipe book tonight..oh and I LOVE rye!

Anonymous said...

it looks so tempting and easy enough and i want to try it...i am only wondering about the the bread sweet or neutral? if it is sweet can i just lower the honey to get a neutral version? sorry i have no idea:-)
i love your blog!
thank you

Anne said...

Alix, it's not sweet at all. The honey helps it rise by providing "food" for the yeast. It's just a little honey - just a spoonful. You can probably get away with using less, too.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much, i baked my first today morning and it was just perfect! alix

Anne said...

These are fantastic! I can't believe how easy they are. I'm quite addicted to making them. Thanks for the recipe!

HausFrau said...


I was wondering whether the dough rises noticably after it's overnight stay in the fridge? And what sort of crumb texture should I get. I made something similar in the past and it came out more cakey than bready and was never sure whether I did something wrong or if that was how it should be.

Anne said...

HausFrau - it rises a bit, but most noticeably in the oven. It shouldn't be cakey at all, definitely bread-y. :) Fairly small crumb.

HausFrau said...

Thanks Anne, I'm going to give it a try this weekend. There's nothing better than fresh rolls for breakfast.