Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wednesday Bookmarks, January 12, 2011

Outside my house, this afternoon.

Time for another round-up of my latest bookmarks from my Delicious account! I'm trying to stay somewhat healthy after the holidays - who doesn't - but I'm not so sure these bookmarks reflect that... Oh well.

One blog I've discovered recently is The Bitten Word. It's both (very) well-written, funny and with beautiful photos. They recently posted some of their favorite recipes from last year, and I bookmarked three of them: Chicken Chili, Spring Shells & Cheese and Indoor Pulled Pork.

A perpetual favorite is Swedish food blogger Annika at Smaskens. (You non-Swedish readers will have to look at the photos instead) She posted about a lovely crawfish topping for toasted bread, that's definitely on my to-try list for my next dinner party.

And as a dessert for said dinner party.. or perhaps for a children's party later this year, I have to make this Banana Split Ice Cream Cake!

Back to thinking healthy. Perhaps peanut sauce isn't *that* healthy, but everything in moderation. I know I'll love David Lebovitz's recipe for cold noodles in peanut sauce, but I'll have to enjoy it on my own since cold noodles is a no-no for my husband. He might on the other hand enjoy this barley-mushroom "risotto", or "orzotto" really, from Weelicious who is one of my favorite mommy-bloggers.

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Girl In An Apron said...

You've got my mouth watering! I think your husband may be missing out on those peanut noodles. I'll take a bowlful please! Great blog!