Tuesday, January 18, 2011



To go with the dipping sauces I posted about yesterday, tonkatsu is great! It couldn't be simpler - it's just a fancy (Japanese) name for breaded and fried pork. You hardly need a recipe. Start by cutting pork tenderloin into cubes. Next, get out three bowls. In the first one, mix some all-purpose flour with salt and black pepper. In the next one, a lightly beaten egg. In the last one, put some Japanese panko breadcrumbs.

Then get to work. Dip the cubes first in the flour, next in the egg, finally in the breadcrumbs. Take your time, and make sure they're well coated with all three, on every side.

When you're done, fry on high heat in a neutral cooking oil. And serve. And listen to all the "Mmmms".


Carmen said...

I love Tonkatsu! In my younger days in Berlin I eat it often in a Japanese Diner.

Grace Ediza Virlouvet said...

Looks great.. would love to try them... So with the picture.. it looks gorgeous!

Benny said...

This is great!!! I am gonna try it for sure with yesterday's sauce when ill have someone over for dinner!!

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Today I posted some suggestions to avoid wastes while cooking!!:)

emilyobyrne said...

This also works well with pork escalopes (thin flat slices of pork). Serve with sticky white rice and instant curry sauce (made from curry roux, available from specialist Japanese stores) to create that fast food classic, Katsu Curry. Yum yum!

If you can't face the crazy list of additives in instant curry, you can make your own from the recipe in Madhur Jaffrey's Curry Bible.

Li said...

Åh, älskar asiatiskt friterad mat, letade förgäves efter tempura idag... :(