Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday Bookmarks, Nov 10

The view from my office window, at 11 am.

So, what's been cooking this week? I think you can tell that it's usually the sweet treats that I bookmark - especially now that the weather is grey and dreary. We had a horrible rainstorm yesterday, that turned into a snowstorm, that then turned into semi-frozen slush. Definitely NOT my favorite weather. (I thought I'd use these posts to show you photos from my window, so you can follow the Swedish seasons.)

Mia Öhrn is a great pastry chef and she's also really sweet - I met her a few weeks ago at a press event and was thrilled. She always seems to make tempting treats, but these milk chocolate truffle macaroons with cinnamon are completely adorable.

Christmas is fast approaching, and I know I want to make this sticky saffron cake topped with white chocolate truffle. I think it might be very sweet, but perfect in thin slices with coffee.

Top Chef Just Desserts is one of my favorite shows right now. Eric Wolitzy was recently eliminated, but he's been showing off a lot of great baked goodies throughout the season. This recipe is for chocolate chip cookies, and they seem perfectly soft and chewy. Have to try it!

I hope these links will cheer you up! As always, for all of my bookmarks, you can check out my Delicious page.


Melynda@Scratch Made Food! said...

It will be interesting to see the shots from your office window. Funny the world looks the same, covered in snow. Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

We woke up to 20 cms of snow looks like January...oh, I had forgotten how much I hate shoveling snow at 7am!!! Kate

Paul Byron Downs said...

The picture of the snow makes me ready for some here in the New York.


Mrs. Zantstorm said...

hej Anne,
Låter gott med saffranskaka och chocolate chip cookies. Jag tänker baka kokoskakor imorgon, vädret blir så dåligt och jag är ledig från jobbet :-)
Vilken fin utsikt du har från kontoret, jobbar du någonstans utanför Stockholm?
Trevlig torsdag!

Anne said...

Paul - I hope NYC stays snow-free for another two weeks or so, since I'll be going there next week!

Marésalicious - det gör jag, jag både jobbar och bori Nacka :) Kokoskakor är en höjdare!

stephen said...

wow! kinda cool. .well mine? tallest building view from my office! lol but I can observed sun set. It's beautiful:)

Mrs. Zantstorm said...

Vad kul; naturen är så mycket finare i Sverige än här i Belgien. Vi funderar faktiskt på att flytta till Sverige men måste hitta jobb först såklart och ett hus, etc.