Monday, October 04, 2010

Cinnamon Bun Day!


October 4 is Kanelbullens dag in Sweden, so here's my favorite recipe for Swedish cinnamon buns -what we in Sweden call Kanelbullar.

Need your buns to be free from eggs and dairy? Then this recipe is for you.


~~louise~~ said...

Hi Annie, Happy Cinnamon Bun Day! I just tweeted your link for last year's recipe. Hope all is well with you:) Louise:)

Katie said...

Wow cinnamon bun day! Didn't know there was such a thing - delicious idea though. yum

Unknown said...

What an amazing coincidence.
My birthday was saturday, and I used your recipe from last year to use as a treat for my co-workers today.
As always: they went down a treat, one even had three!


Eva said...

Dear Anne, I tried the cinnamon buns and they are really good! I like your blog very much. Thank you.