Sunday, August 08, 2010

Red Onion Butter


Flavored butter might seem very 1980:s retro, and indeed, it was very popular at that time. This particular recipe comes from an old cookbook, made by a restaurant called Gourmet. The restaurant doesn't exist anymore, and the cookbook isn't one that gets much use - but this butter is divine! Serve it on a grilled steak - it's absolutely excellent.

Red Onion Butter
(printable recipe)

200 ml (oh, about 3/4 cup, no need to be exact) finely chopped red onion
300 ml red wine
100 g butter, at room temperature
salt, black pepper

Cook the red onions in the red wine on medium heat until all the wine has reduced. Let the onion cool completely.

Beat the softened butter until fluffy. Add the onion, and stir well. Season with salt, black pepper and a dash or two of worcestershiresauce.

Wrap in plastic, form a sausage, and keep well wrapped in the fridge until ready to use.

Recipe in Swedish:


Unknown said...

yummy that sounds wonderful for a steak...will have to try this!

Um pouco mais said...

Looks amazing! Gotta try it.
Nothing wrong with retro if u ask long as its done right!

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