Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Cranberry Hazelnut Bagels


I just bought myself a Bosch MUM86 (I reviewed one last year, and really fell in love with it for baking bread - and now I decided I had to have one.) and for the inauguration, I decided to make bagels. It's definitely one of my favorite breads, but everytime I make it in my Kitchen-Aid, I end up with a lot of clean-up (since the recipe yields a slightly too-big dough to fit properly in the bowl) and I'm always afraid that it'll break the gears. Plus, last time I tried, my yeast must have been old because they never rose properly.

This time, I wasn't taking any chances with dry yeast, but decided to try the same recipe with fresh yeast instead. It worked very well - so this is probably what I'll do from now. Fresh yeast is extremely accessible in Sweden - it's in every grocery store - and it's much cheaper than the dried yeast. But, feel free to make it with dried - as long as it's not too old!

I wanted to try a different variety than the normal cinnamon-raisin that I usually make, so I went with cranberries and toasted hazelnuts. Yum! What's your favorite bagel flavor?

Cranberry Hazelnut Bagels
(printable recipe)
about 16

12 g fresh yeast
600 g high-gluten flour (can be labelled as strong or bread flour)
625 ml water, lukewarm

Mix everything, and leave to rise for about two hours.

Main dough:
the starter
12 g fresh yeast
450-500 g high-gluten flour
5 tbsp sugar
3 tsp salt
1 tbsp molasses or honey

100 g dried cranberries
100 g toasted hazelnuts, halved

New toys!

Knead everything but the cranberries and the hazelnuts into a very hard dough. It shouldn't feel sticky. Count on 8-10 minutes in a stand mixer, or twice the time if you do it by hand. Add the hazelnuts and cranberries for the last few minutes.

Divide the dough into 15 equally sized pieces (my bagels are usually around 120 g) and shape into round balls. Leave to rest for 20 minutes.

Shape each ball into a bagel, by poking a hole in the middle with your finger, then gently stretching the hole and twirling it around your fingers. Leave to rest for another 20 minutes. At this point, you can retard the bagels by placing them in the fridge for a few hours or overnight.

Bring a wide pot of water to boil, and add 1 tbsp baking soda. Boil the bagels for one minute on each side (I can usually fit three at a time), and then place them on a baking sheet. Bake at 225°C for 10 minutes.

Recept på svenska:
Bagels med tranbär & hasselnötter


thepassionatecook said...

that sounds lovely! i usually buy onion and seeds bagels, because i only buy bagels to have with cream cheese and salmon, or pastrami and a tartare-style sauce... the raisins wouldn't work so well with that ,-)

D. @ Outside Oslo said...

I think asiago is my favorite bagel flavor, but it depends on the mood. And if I'm going to have a bagel with lox, a plain one is probably best.

By the way, I wrote about your apple cake:

Mint Juice said...

I like your new toys!!
I would like to have one of them. But now... I don't have oven and fridge... The bad things of the relocation...

BeRKA said...

So you finally bought it. :-)

I am sure it will be very useful.

Katie said...

Your bagels look fantastic, lovely and puffy. My favourite bagel combos are either apple & cinnamon, cranberry and choc chips, nutella swirl or coffee and walnut. They sound odd and I've not seen some sold anywhere, but I've made them myself a few times.

Anne said...

I never ever eat salmon on my bagels so that's fine :) Either with just plain cream cheese, or regular butter and cheese. Katie, your combos sound dreamy, have to try coffee & walnut next!

Berka - I sure did :) Love it :)

Anonymous said...

Hej Anne,
Sorry if this question is unrelated to this post.
Does dill go bitter when cooked in the oven say, with fish? How do you Swedes use it? If it's a baked fish dish (not smoked salmon), do you sprinkle it after you've cooked the fish? Or do you cook everything together? I hope you can help me.

Hej da!

Anne said...

Hej Gabriela! Not my forte, I never ever cook with dill, but I know of many dishes where the dill is usually just added toward the end for a fresher flavor.

Joanne said...

I love this innovative flavor combination! I just made pomegranate bagels (which were awesome) but this is a flavor I am definitely going to try next,.

Kenon Thompson said...

Bagels and some good coffee, my ultimate simple breakfast! Great recipe, I will have to try this out sometime.