Saturday, May 22, 2010


Oh - we had a wonderful time in Berlin! Our hotel - Mövenpick - was
excellent and had an awesome breakfast buffet. We enjoyed a whole lot
of frappuccinos and lattes at Starbucks, and we took Titus to the zoo.
Great vacation!


Dinners and Dreams said...

Berlin-what luck! I'm looking forward to more from your Germany trip.


D. @ Outside Oslo said...

When were you there? I visited for the first time earlier this month.

Any great culinary experiences? I had a great time at the KaDeWe, as well as a fantastic bakery, Soluna Brot und Ol.

P.K said...

I recently returned from Berlin, it is a great city, good food, and cafes. Do tell more.

Anne said...

We were there just this past week. However, I don't have much to report as we didn't eat anywhere particularly exciting - Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, a generic place in the Sony Center, the restaurant at the Zoo, and a fairly nice Mexican steak house near the hotel :) Food was really not a priority, and we didn't do much research beforehand - we just went where it was convenient to bring Titus and where there were something he could eat.

The hotel breakfast buffet was brilliant though, I wish I took pictures!

Carmen Lopes said...

Hello Anna,
What a nice food blog you have. I'm trying to get to a frappuccino kind of recipe to make myself at home in my blender but it still didn't turn out right. Have you ever tried?

Anne said...

Carmen, I have tried it but with no luck. It just isn't as good. :(