Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday dinner

So good, so simple. A roasted chicken, on top of roasted new potatoes
and carrots, with a mustardy cole slaw. Delicious!!


John K said...

Looks delicious... what spices do you put on the chicken and what kind of mustard, Dijon?

Anne said...

John, you're forcing me to reveal that the chicken was bought ready-spiced! :) I usually wouldn't get that, but it was nearing it's sell-by date and thus heavily discounted and well, it looked good! And it was great! It had mainly paprika, onion and garlic, and thyme.

The mustard was a grainy sweet Swedish variety - lovely in the slaw!

John K said...

Oh that sounds good. I just got in the habit of making chicken legs once in a while and it's funny, I sometimes bake them and just eat all of them cold. I somehow like that... I have a gift set of spices that are great with chicken and I add a little vinegar and garlic too. Then I sometimes add some feta salad dressing.

Place Your Order said...

Wow that Looks Great! I had spicy curry for lunch on Sunday, but yours looks much better!