Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wallenberg Burgers


Here's a classical Swedish dish! They're named for the Wallenberg family, which is as close to Swedish noblesse as they come.

It's a very fluffy, lightly browned meat patty, made from veal mince, egg yolks and heavy cream. It's always served with a potato purée, small green peas and usually also with lingonberry jam. We had a few left over burgers the next day with a chanterelle sauce and rice - that was great too.

It's really delicious - but make sure your veal is freshly ground, and if you can't get good mince, grind it yourself. And make sure that all of your ingredients are really cold when you start mixing, to keep the mixture from separating.

I used my Kitchen-Aid for this, but you can use a food processor or blend by hand, but be quick.

Wallenberg Burgers
(printable recipe)
Serves 5-6

500 g veal mince
4 egg yolks
300 ml heavy cream
white pepper, ground
grated white bread, from about two-three slices of bread (crust cut off)

Make sure all ingredients are well chilled, and if you're making it on a warm day, chill the bowl as well. Add the egg yolks, salt and white pepper to the mince, and then slowly add the cream. It will be a very loose mixture.

Spread half of the breadcrumbs on a plate. Spoon the meat mixture into twelve mounds. Top them with the rest of the breadcrumbs, and very lightly shape them into thick burgers. Fry in a medium warm pan with plenty of butter - they shouldn't get a lot of color.

Recipe in Swedish:


Jessica said...

No grated bread in mine!! I love them, they're real comfort food.

Unknown said...

Une assiette très appétissante

LW said...

Yum! These look so delicious and I will definitely be trying them!

Unknown said...

I was inspired by your blog and made the Wallenberg meal at 2 am today. Thank goodness for Ikea, as it is the only place I know in Canada to get lingonberry jam here in Montreal. I still had some in the fridge!
Thanks for the inspiration!

Emmas Kök said...

It looks really good! I ate it a few weeks ago and it is very good!

Anonymous said...

Hi. How much add ingredients on a double dish ?
Have I double all ingredients x2 ?

Anne said...

I haven't tried doubling this but I'm sure you could.