Saturday, October 17, 2009


I know, it's definitely time for some proper blogging. It's just a
little hard to find the time - time to plan out meals, time to cook
them, time to sit at the computer. Or to be honest, the baby is more
fun! :)

I have some great stuff coming though! A fall cake, since my
blogaversary is coming up soon (five years!). Lots of cookbook
reviews. Swedish "limpa" bread. And a close look at Bosch MUM86 - a
big stand mixer that I'm trying out.

The photo? My sister's pancakes. Delicious. I think I ate six. With
whipped cream and blueberry jam. Heaven.


Jessica said...

attans, är bebisen roligare?! Kan jag väl aldrig tro ;)!!
Ta hand om er!

Kari Receptomaten said...

Åh, pannkakor... Kurrar nu i min pannkaksmage :)

Lyllos dig, kram!

Amelia s. boston said...

Are swedish pancakes every accompanied by or filled with savories? Probably a gauche question but I'm curious! I love them sweet but I also love cheese and...

Anne said...

Amelia - not really, no! :) Pancakes are usually sweet. We do eat "raggmunk" which is pancakes with shredded potato, and those are always savory.

Shandy said...

Blueberry sounds delicious with pancakes. I know what you mean about finding the time to plan, prepare and blog. The great part about blogging is getting the chance to look back and see where you have been (usually includes being amazed at all your accomplishments with everything going on in your life).