Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Golden Sunshine Quinoa Salad


Sorry for not posting the recipe for the meatballs, yesterday. I did a quick sketch in the comments, but I was so tired last night when I posted... besides, meatballs is one of those things that I never, ever measure - I have to really try next time, to give you guys a more accurate recipe.

Today is a very nice sunny autumn day - it's a bit windy and cold, but the sky is clear and blue. Baby Titus is still asleep (yes, at 10 am!), but we have a nice walk planned for later.

I know most of us are gearing up for heavier, heartier meals, but I have a few late-summery ideas to share so bear with me. This quinoa salad comes from Ingrid Hoffman's book Simply Delicioso which is a really fun latin-style cookbook. We served this along with some other salads (more recipes to come, I promise) and a selection of grilled sausages. Perfect for a family celebration!

Golden Sunshine Quinoa Salad
(printable recipe)

500 ml quinoa
4 spring onions, sliced
150 ml yellow raisins
3 tbsp rice vinegar
2 tsp orange zest
150 ml freshly squeezed orange juice
2 tbsp olive oil
1/2-1 tsp cumin
1 cucumber - peeled, seeded and diced
100 ml flat-leaf parsley, chopped
salt, pepper

Rinse the quinoa very well in cold water. Then boil it in plenty of lightly salted water for 10-12 minutes. Drain and place in a large bowl. Add the spring onions, raisins, rice vinegar, orange zest and orange juice, olive oil, cumin, cucumber and parsley.

Season with salt and pepper. Serve at room temperature or cold.

Recipe in Swedish:
Solig Quinoasallad


Pille said...

I love the idea of adding orange juice to quinoa. Thanks for sharing, Anne!!!

dining room furniture said...

Thanks for sharing the recipe. Very generous of you. I will wait for the recipe of those meatballs!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anne!

I found your blog while looking for a Swedish shortbread recipe (does this even exist?) I love quinoa (so I will definitely try this recipe, but please do post the Swedish meatball recipe. I've always wanted to make those!

Anne said...

Pastry chef - there is!! "mördeg" is a swedish sort of shortbread, and very popular for cookies. Theres no obe recipe though, I've seen many variations. Some with eggs, some without. Email me if you want me to dig out a few for you.

Fröken Dill said...

Quinia and orange sounds like a perfect combination! This is definitively the way I will cook quinoa next time. It sometimes tends to taste a little bitter and I think orange is a god way to avoid this probelm.

Miss Dill

Cedar Chests said...

This recipe was fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing it!!