Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More from our photo shoot

Olive Hazelnut Cantuccini with a pomegranate drink

I promised some more photos from the photo shoot Dagmar, Lena and I had with Tasteline earlier this year. The professional photographer was Katja Kristoferson who did a great job with the lighting - it was fun to see her work! She used a few tricks, like brushing the food with extra olive oil to make it glisten, and there's actually mulled wine in the glass rather than regular red wine - apparently it looks better!


Our starter (the same as the one we had when we won the title of Best Home-Cooks) - serrano ham rolled around a roasted red pepper creme fraiche, with deep-fried capers.



And for our main course, steaks marinated in balsamic vinegar with a salad from arugula, avocado, blue cheese and walnuts.

All the recipes are available here - in Swedish.


Lisa said...

What beautiful food. I love the plate in the last pic, the one with the steak on it. Gorgeous.

onemorehandbag said...

Personally, I actually prefer your own pictures as the colours seem more vibrant.That Midsummer cake - drool!

beth said...

OMG it looks superyummy. Wine will do better with it. All photographs are nice. Nice blog too