Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fika at Vurma


I really meant to post a recipe today, but I am just plain exhausted and so, won't. Tomorrow!

For today, please enjoy this photo from my fika with Pia at one of our favorite cafés, Vurma. I had a lovely huge cardamom bun and a latte - or actually a latte made from skim milk which is ingeniously re-named "lätte" which is a great play on words as "lätt" is "light" in Swedish, and our skim milk is called "lätt"-milk.


Jessica said...

det där är ingen bulle, det är ett monster!

Annika said...

Älskar, älskar Vurma. hamnar nästan alltid där de få gånger jag har örmånen att få luncha på stan - bara för att jag så väl vet vad för gott jag får.

Anonymous said...

Älskar din blogg! Har med dig på en lista nu i ett ämne i min blogg där jag tipsar om olika matbloggar.
Jag avundas dig!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say thank you for your blog. It has been a delight to see all the great food. I have a Swedish heritage and now live in Canada. I can smell the cardamom in your delightful looking bun. It is my favourite aroma in the kitchen!

Anonymous said...

Both the coffees and the pastry look lovely.
Hope everything is going well with you. :)
Oh, and thank you for sharing your world with us!