Thursday, December 18, 2008

Has anyone seen this?


I'm slightly desperate. I recieved this awesome salt a few years ago, in a blog exchange from France. It's called Sel Gris de Guerande avec Cèpes, and made by Eric Bur. It's absolutely brilliant on scrambled eggs. And my package just ran out. So, I'm turning to you, dear readers. Can anyone find this? If so, do let me know - I'd be eternally grateful!


Anonymous said...

Här verkar det finnas, även om det är i en lite annorlunda ask:

Jeanne said...

Oh nooooo - now you've added yet another thing to my Christmas wish-list ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi here is another site I found.

Anonymous said...

Hej Anne!

This salt is quite common in France. It comes from a region called Guerande which is in the northern region in France. It is indeed, gray and is similar, though not the same as the Maldon salt which we have in England. Maybe it will be possible to order it’?

Lycka till!