Friday, December 19, 2008

Cookbook watch - two more Swedish books


Possibly my last cookbook reviews for this year!

Mat, Vin och vanilj från Sydafrika
Another book about travels, but this time to South Africa. Elisabeth Johansson has written yet another cookbook (she's quite active!) and it has much more food than her previous ones (which were mostly focused on desserts). It also has travel stories and information about the country in general, but I am mostly drawn to the beautiful photos and the exciting recipes. I have to say, there's not a whole lot of recipes, but almost all of them sound lovely. I'm especially interested in the "Norimaki Crazy Boy Rolls" (who wouldn't be, with that name?!) which seems to be a sushi roll filled with crabfish, mango, avocado and scallions - and then the whole thing is deep fried. Intriguing!


Klaras bästa mat för gravida by Klara Desser.
Klara Desser has written several cookbooks over the past few years, most of them concerned with the GI - Glycemic Index - diet in focus. This one is certainly concerned with GI as most of the recipes are low in sugar, but the focus is on eating well during pregnancy. It's really very interesting, and has lots of ideas to combat common pregnancy problems like acid reflux, nausea and iron deficiency. And the recipes sound great even if you're not pregnant, by the way. How about a mild tomato soup with crème fraîche and fresh basil, chicken salad with mango and bean sprouts, or strawberry ginger smoothie? Yum!

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Jeanne said...

Maybe the South African book will inspire you to visit my country - let me know and I'll send you a to do list :)