Sunday, March 02, 2008

A good weekend


We've spent the weekend with Per's family in Motala. Today, we went to his nephew's christening - this little cute boy is now formally known as Theodor.

the buffet

I've got to show you what was served. My mother in law is great with cakes and cookies, and she and Theodor's other grandmother had baked up an impressive array of goodies for all the guests.

fyllda havreflarn

These cookies were my favorite. Oatmeal lace cookies sandwiched with buttercream and dipped in chocolate - yum!

more cookies

Checkerboard cookies and one that I don't really know the name of, but it was crispy and delicious.

cookies 1

Buttery shortbread.

swiss roll

Swiss roll with apple jam.

cake with grapes

And Per's very favorite cake - three layers of yellow cake with mashed banana, vanilla custard and strawberry jam, covered in whipped cream, halved grapes and milk chocolate. It's what he wants for his birthday every year.

Chicken on toast

Yesterday, we had some lovely chicken on toast for dinner - it's a stuffed chicken breast with parma ham inside and topped with parmesan, on a toast with fried mushrooms and spring onions, all nesting on a bed of salad. It was drizzled with a warm balsamic vinegar glaze - delicious!

Cookies at my inlaws

And of course, with coffee - some homemade cookies. It just wouldn't be Swedish "fika" without it.


Jessica said...

Like Sju små kakor, starting with cookies onto cakes :).
Hope it was a fun event overall!

Amelia Ames said...

Anne! That food looks amazing! Do you have the recipe for Per's favorite cake posted on the blog? What a great way to get your kids to eat fruit! hahaha!

glamah16 said...

Oh how yummy. And Baby Theodore is bititing his hand in anticipation of the big feast. How lovely the mothers in laws got together to bake .Very nice.

Anne said...

Amy, I don't - but I'll post it next time I make it. Which can be a while, because while it's his favorite cake to eat, it's not my favorite to make! :) It really is as simple as mashing a banana or two for the first layer, using a thick vanilla custard or cream for the second layer, top with some jam, and then the third layer of cake. :)

Daniel Roos said...

Kul med så mycket bakverk du kör på hårt verkligen :-) värre än mig ha det bra mvh Daniel

Anne said...

Haha - den här gången var jag bara gäst Daniel, så ingen bakning alls för mig. :) Men snart så...

Nikki said...

Oh my gosh... what an incredible extravaganza!!! I feel my butt spreading just LOOKING at it! How wonderful!