Saturday, March 08, 2008

The American Buffet


I promised a round-up on what I finally fixed, right? So - here we go:

-Bagels, with cream cheese, red onions and tomatoes, pastrami and smoked turkey. All on separate platters, so people could fix their own. Most actually just had the bagel with cream cheese and ate the meats with the salad.

-American pasta salad with grapes. I'll do a separate post with the recipe I used!


-Celery and carrot sticks with a delicious blue cheese dip - lots of blue cheese (500 g), sour cream (1 litre) and a little hot sauce. Yum!

-Doritos and goldfish crackers

-Chocolate Chip Cookies and Raspberry Cheesecake. The latter, sadly, not home made but still very tasty.

We had Coke and Budweiser for drinks, and of course, coffee with dessert.

I really appriciate all the input you guys gave me, I know I'll be using many of those ideas for this summer's outdoor parties!


Kalyn Denny said...

Yes, this does sound very American. You could find most of those foods at a party hosted by my extended family.

Anonymous said...

Oh, next weekend I'll definitely invite some girls over for brunch. Why go to hotel or a restaurant when it's so much funnier to actually cook your own brunch?!

It's just a matter of time so next Saturday I'll be up for it...!

Lennart Nilsson said...

It tasted just great! especially the pasta salad and the blue cheese dip! Thanx!

Anonymous said...

What?! No Gumbo?! No Dirty Rice?! The rest looks great however ;)

Nikki said...

Coffee with dessert? Don't you know Americans have their coffee at the start of the meal and all through the meal?!? :) Or at least that's how they do (did) it in the Midwest. It drives my Swedish husband nuts when we go to a restaurant in the U.S. with my folks and they order (and get) their meal and coffee at the same time. To him, that's practically sacrilege! Funny.

Anne said...

Ahh, good point Nikki! Actually, coffee was present the whole time, so those who wanted could definitely drink it from the start :) (But i don't think anyone did...)