Saturday, June 09, 2007

Mango, Lime & Chilli Shrimp


I served this as a small starter on Mother's Day, but I first learned it from Tesse's friend Lena, who was hosting Tesse's hen party a few weeks ago. She made this, and I had to recreate it myself. It's very simple, just five ingredients plus salt. This is not a very exact recipe, and you can vary it as you see fit. More mango? Go ahead! Less? More onion? Less lime? Really, taste and see what suits you, there's no right or wrong in cooking. At least not in cooking this.

Mango, Lime & Chilli Shrimp

fresh shrimp, peeled, or peeled shrimp in brine, about 200 g or a little more
150 g diced mango (1/2-1 mango will be fine)
1/2-1 red onion, finely diced
the juice from 1 lime
3-4 tbsp sweet chilli sauce (thai style)

If the shrimp are brined, leave them in a colander to drain off, and give them a little squeeze. Mix with mango and onion, press over the lime and mix in sweet chilli sauce. Season with salt.

Serve on nachos, bruschetta, crostini or anything else you'd like - it'd be nice on salad leaves too, for a lighter starter.

Recipe in Swedish:
Räkröra med lime och mango


browniegirl said...

Wow! What colourful and tasty looking morsels!! Well done Anne. BTW are your furry friends settled in with their outside cage now? :)

Anonymous said...

It wets my appetite !

Dori said...

What a great combo...would love to try that!!!

Anne said...

Collywolly - they absolutely love it there! They even stayed out last night when it rained!

winedeb said...

Wow Anne, these will go great when I head back to Key West! So many Mango trees there that folks just put baskets of them out on their sidewalks for folks to take - free!
And our shrimp is fresh from the Gulf. And limes? I have a small lime tree that does not produce lots of limes, but I do get a couple of them a year. Thanks!