Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Wine time - Dr L


I'm not a very big wine drinker - or well, I am, but I just don't pay that much attention to what I'm drinking. I like most wines just fine, but I rarely think that any are truly exceptional. Sometimes, though, they are. The wines served at Arlas Guldko were really great - especially the white wine served with the appetizer. (And the dessert wine.) I found that - or at least a similar one - at Systembolaget, Sweden's state wine store. (Which is, for those of you not in the know, the only place to buy alcohol in Sweden. If they don't stock it, you don't get it. Unless you travel and bring it back yourself.) I'm not sure that it's the exact same version, in fact, I don't think so, but it's the same name, and it's similar. The one I had at the party also had "Lay Kabinett" in the name - not sure if that's some sort of classification system, but maybe someone knows?

Anyway. For a good, fruity, not very dry white wine, perfect with cheese and nibbles, or just as a conversation wine, I recommend Dr L. It's a riesling from Mosel. (Number 7218 at Systembolaget.) Cost: 73 SEK (about $10 USD) Made by Dr Loosen Wineyards.


Betty Carlson said...

I would definitely suggest your getting more interested in wine -- it's such a great complement to food. But I imagine it's very expensive in Sweden. Apparently with global warming, though, Sweden will be producing its own wines...or more of them...in a few years. Yippee for you!

Anonymous said...

You are right that "Kabinett" refers to the classification system. This system reigns over the German wines of Riesling and perhaps Gewurztraminer a well. It seems that the Germans have their own system of classifying their wines, it indicates degrees of dryness or sweetness.

See this link: