Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Mini Chocolate Pecan Muffins


Time for something sweet, don't you think? I always love things that are mini - it's something special about having a normal food but in a bite-sized portion. I recently found a mini-muffin tin that I really love, and I used it to make these excellent little chocolatey wonders. They are rather moist muffins, not dry or cakey, but not sticky or wet either. They're great slightly warm - either straight from the oven, or heated a bit in the microwave. They freeze very well.

I used one egg and two egg whites, since I happened to have two leftover. If I don't, the next time, I'll try them with two eggs instead. They might be less fluffy, but it shouldn't make a huge difference.

Mini Chocolate Pecan Muffins
Makes about 30 mini muffins

1 egg
2 egg whites
160 g sugar
125 g butter
125 g dark chocolate
100 g flour
1 tsp salt
1 tbsp vanilla sugar
100 g pecans, roughly crushed

Beat the egg, egg whites and sugar until pale and very fluffy. Melt the butter and chocolate together in a microwave. (Or melt the butter, and pour over the chocolaet.) Stir until very smooth. Mix salt, flour and vanilla sugar and add to the egg mixture. Add the pecans, and finally the chocolate mixtuer. Stir until smooth, and pour into tiny muffin cups. (Preferrably in a muffin tin, as this helps them to rise properly.)

Bake at 200°C for about 10 minutes.

Recipe in Swedish:
Chokladmuffins med pecannötter


Linda said...

Det vattnas i munnen... har ju lite pekannötter över.

Waspgoddess said...

Oh no, they sound and look divine. And poor me... on a diet until 12th of April, so I'm stuck just ogling your site and listening to my rumbling stomach :(

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha evrything in mini reminds me of the opposite supersize. There is a website devouted to supersizing snack, candy and biscuits, ordinary people supersixing Jaffa cakes, Mars bars etc and taking pictures of the process....can't remember the adress though.

Gotta love mini and supersize sites :)

Anonymous said...

This looks like a good reason for me to learn the metric system.

Anonymous said...

Great photo, Anne! (She says while being hit by a sudden gigantic chocolate craving.) Love that green background. Interesting that there's no baking powder or baking soda in this recipe. I am thinking it has a consistency more like a brownie than a muffin? Or were you well aware of that but called them muffins so you could rationalize eating them for breakfast? : )

Thanks for another wonderful sounding recipe. So what temperature in F is 200 degrees C???

Anne said...

Waspgoddess - oh, sorry! They *are* quite small :)

Anonymous - oooh, is it Pimp That Snack? Hilarious site!

Cybele - or just use Google conversions :)

Farmgirl - they're sort of like a cross between brownies and muffins, I'd say. The egg causes them to rise a little bit, and they're not as sticky as brownies would be. :) For temperatures, I really really recommend google where you just type in 200 celsius in fahrenheit and get the result - 392. :) (I really need to do a separate post on conversions one of these days, and have it easily linked to.)

Andreea said...

oh these look so cute! have to try them out. great to hear you they freeze well!

Thomas Andrew said...

This recipe looks yummy! I hope to try it soon. And those pics of your cats are tooooo cute! I love cats !!

I recently launched my own recipe blog and to celebrate I'm giving away a free mini-cookbook.

Rasa Malaysia said...

I love things mini cup cakes, muffins, tartlets...they taste so much better when they are mini...your mini muffins look droolsome.