Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Sunday, March 11 - I'm having a Tupperware demonstration at my house. Yes, really. I've never had one before, nor have I ever been to one, so I'm rather excited. Consider yourself invited, if you're interested and in the general area! I'll offer great snacks, and cuddly kittens, in addition to the main event: plastic stuff.

Got any Tupperware favorites? Tell me! I've just tried a few things, and while I like what I have, I'm looking to expand my collection a bit.


Anonymous said...

My mom had, years ago, a really useful flat mat which you unrolled out onto the counter for doing your pie crusts on. It was a nice Tupperware plastic, marked out in measured circles and easy to clean I wish I had one now--or, even better, I wish I could get to your party!

Anonymous said...

I love Tupperware, I'm almost ashamed to say. It lasts forever (my mum still has a few boxes she received as wedding presents over 40 years ago). I have a couple of handy lidded measuring containers I use for making dressings. Cake boxes are also good. It's all really well made, unlike some of the stuff you can buy nowadays.

Wish I was coming to your party :-) Have a great time!

Unknown said...

In the US the mat that phillyukgirl referred to is called the "Simply Perfect Pastry Sheet". Even if the European product line doesn't use that name, your consultant should be able to point you in the right direction.

Stuff that I use regularly or more often (and again, this is from the USA catalogs):
--Quick Shake container. mmm... home made Lassi.
--Season-Serve container: great for marinating. Ask if the little one is still available.
--Modular Mates. I really like the Rectangular 2 size for flour and sugar. I use the squares and ovals for rice, pasta, and other pantry stuff.

I don't know if your catalog will have the knives and pots, but my opinion is that you probably already have better (but I freely admit that I have no experience with the pots or the current set of knives). I bought the original E-series knife set when I was a consultant in 94-95, and was never thrilled with them. They do the job, but I grew up using my mother's Zwilling Henckels knives, and I have and am buying Wusthof knives now - so I am used to much better than "they do the job"

I hope you have a great party!

Anonymous said...

I have pieces passed down from my mother and great aunt. These are the closest things that I can find to them for what they offer today. I am not sure if products change between countries, but you get the idea:


Quick Shake container - good for gravies, sauces, dressings

Sandwich keeper - I really do use this all the time, keeps my lunch from getting squished on the way to work

Cereal storer - I actually use this for iced tea, any kind of beverage that needs to be mixed. It's better than the pitchers because you can just shake it around to stir.

I always get clear large bowls with lids. Perfect for a quick and light mixing bowl, fridge storage, transporting food and easy to clean

Anonymous said...

Tupperware is great, Anne! Especially the ice cream scoop, & the colander which I use all the time. I've accumulated a small collection over the last 25 years, & what is the best feature is the lifetime warranty. If it splits, it is replaced for FREE! Have a fun time!

Rachael Narins said...

I once bought tupperware. An ice cube tray with a lid. Seemed like a good idea, but was a pain in the...

So I say avoid it.

Then again, maybe you don't use ice much! (Americans consume ice like nothing you can believe. :-)

Have fun and don't spend too much!

Anne said...

Thanks everyone! It was a fun party - and I bought quite a bit. Possibly too much. Oh well. :)

Blake Williams said...

have fun at your tupperware party, I recommend getting some fridgesmart to save from throwing away produce >> it can extend the life of lettuce, strawberries, grapes, etc...


Anne said...

Blake, good to hear! I got to choose Fridgesmart as a hostess gift! :)