Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Five things you didn't know about me

I was tagged for this nice little meme by Pille. I feel that I'm fairly personal here, so you probably already know a lot about me - but well, there's always some tidbits that I haven't talked much about. So let's give it a try!

1. I have a huge amount of makeup. And I mean a HUGE amount. Like 300 eyeshadows. (At least.) A hundred lipsticks. Lipglosses. Nailpolishes. More blush than ten women could wear in a lifetime. You get the picture. A lot of makeup. Funny thing is, I don't wear that much makeup. I do however like variation, and I rarely wear the same combination twice. (Much like how I cook - rarely the very same thing.) I am especially fond of makeup that I can't get here in Sweden, so I quickly caught on to the concept of makeup swapping. (Check out www.makeupalley.com for the best site on that.) It basically means sending makeup - new or very gently used - to other people, getting other, fun stuff in return. I used to do this a lot more, but I'm still acticve. And some years ago, I was actually interviewed in Sweden's then largest internet magazine as "the makeup girl". (And I can still remember what makeup I wore in the photo!)

2. Slightly related, but something I've been meaning to write about anyway. Perfumes. Love it. Have a bunch. Especially like foody, gourmet type scents. For all other fragrance-foodies out there, I heartily recommend the French line Comptoir Sud Pacifique. My favorites include Vanille-Apricot, Vanille Extreme, Soleil des Enfants (that has now switched names to something I can't remember, but it smells lovely - like oranges and vanilla) and Amour de Cacao, a delious mix of vanilla, chocolate and orange. Speaking of chocolate, Serendipity 3 makes a lovely perfume. And then there's Attar Bazaar Sudanese Coconut - a gorgeous, deep, deliciously dark coconut scent. And I love citrus scents - the cleaner the better. Especially lime or lemon. I wore Fresh Sugar Blossom for my wedding, and that's a sweet lemon fragrance. Ok, I better stop now, I think you get the picture.

3. I am a very good organizer. I make lists - lots of them - and I can spend many happy hours organizing my collections. (Like my makeup, or most recently, my cookbooks that are now happily indexed in a database.) However, I hate organizing in order to write big thesises. Which I've done, several times. I have studied for seven years at university - mostly political science (one small thesis, one larger), but also a lot of English (one larger thesis), and things like sociology, statistics, law, and my Master's is in Technology, Society and Science (a very large thesis), a rather obscure cross-disciplinary subject. I currently work as a political secretary for the Liberal party - full time in politics - but if you've got a fun opportunity for me, I'm listening!

4. I barely listen to any music at all. Whatever's on the radio when I'm driving. Other than that, almost never, ever. I like having it quiet when I'm at home. I much prefer the tv. And I have to tell you, I watch many, many tv shows. Many. I follow Desperate Housewives, The OC, Gilmore Girls, Lost, Veronica Mars, Las Vegas, The Simpsons, Gray's Anatomy and several others. And we recently watched all seven seasons of Buffy. (Absolutely delightful by the way, I'm a huge Joss Whedon fan and we're currently watching all seasons of Angel.) Next in line for our massive watching is Sopranos.

5. I read a lot of books. (Not just cookbooks!) I love crime novels (Patricia Cornwell, Karin Slaugther, Kathy Reichs, Jeffery Deaver, Stephen King, Elizabeth George, Val McDermid, David Baldacci, Faye Kellerman, Harlan Coben...) and traditional simple chick lit (Marian Keyes and Sophie Kinsella being a favorite in that genre). I hold particularly soft spot for Carl Hiaasen and Diane Mott Davidson. And lots of Swedish authors, too. Reading is relaxation for me, and I always read before I go to sleep.

Enough about me. Now, who wants to go next? How about Farmgirl, Baking Sheet, Brownie Points, Taste Everything Once and Spittoon?


Pille said...

Anne, thanks for taking part! I remembered your fascination with cosmetics:) I'm ka minimalist here and can fit all my stuff into a small bag. I use Decleor skincare (love the smells!) and most of my cosmetics is either Bobbi Brown or the Finnish Lumene, plus YSL under-eye concealer. I've got exactly one perfume (currently SJP's Lovely), but I'm thinking of buying another one soon:)
It's fun to read that we're both list-making girls! I always carry a small black to-do-list notebook with me:) In terms of TV & music - we differ a lot. I follow few programmes (Desperate Housewives; Without A Trace; Mr Poirot), watch the news. We watch DVDs instead of TV usually.. I used to watch the cookery programmes when in Scotland, but no more. I listen to the radio and my CDs a lot.
I read a lot of books too, both cookbooks and fiction, but I don't really like crime novels:)
Anyway - a huge thanks again for taking part!!

Lan said...

Have you seen Patricia Cornwell's cookbooks? - 'Scarpetta's Winter Table' and 'Food to Die For'.

And, if you like those writers, you'd probably like Ian Rankin, and Michael Connolly; I can recommend both.

(Heh! The word verification is 'uisye'. It's almost uisge, the Gaelic word for whisky!)

Jenny said...

If you like Josh Weedon, try Firefly - then watch Serenity after it.

Anne said...

Pille, it was great fun, so thanks for tagging me!! :) SJP Lovely is gorgeous, I like that a lot! :) I forgot to say that I watch DVD:s almost exclusively, but of tv shows, mostly. I am rather unable to commit to "once a week" scheduling.

Denzylle - I have Food to Die For, but not the other one! Will check it out! I've read one Ian Rankin I think, and a few Michael Connolly - thanks for reminding me!! And hehe, the word verification is really funny sometimes.

Quellia - that's definitely next on the list, when we get through Angel! :)

Rachael Narins said...

I LOVE learning more about people...this is great...BUT...SWEETIE...that makeup can go bad you know! Careful with that beautiful skin, okay? :-)

Anne said...

Rachael - oh, I know! :) I toss anything that's changed color, consistency, smell... thankfully powdered products keep almost forever if you make sure you use clean brushes. Cream stuff is more prone to turning funky, of course. *shudder*

Jessica said...

Unless you've tried the brand already, try philosophy. They have plenty of food related scents.
Philosophy direct

Cow Parfymeri, svensk butik med philosophy

Anne said...

Jessika, thank you!! I have tried some of their things indeed - especially a shower gel called Cinnamon Buns. Yum!

Jessica said...

I love their products. All their range from shower gels (I have tried quite a few "flavours" by now) to make-up products. All work really well with me.

Anonymous said...

I recently tried some natural perfumes by Mandy Aftelier (aftelier.com). She's got a few citrus-based scents, and some spicy scents with cinnamon, cloves, etc. The Boronia scent is really nice, very citrusy.