Monday, February 26, 2007

Foodie Gifts - package from Johanna!


I was really excited to get this package in the mail - completely unexpected, it was Passionate Cook Johanna who had sent me a lovely care package. It contained something I had lusted over since I was in London - pale blue Le Creuset ramekins. I saw them last summer, in pink, blue and.. green? - but Per thought they'd be too heavy to lug around (good point) and that surely they'd be available at home, too. Guess what? They're not.

So I'm really happy now. I also got homemade jam, chocolates (yum!), Delicious magazine which had a feature on Johanna - and, knowing me well, she included a bag of Starbucks Coffee. Awww.

I did a small piece on eating in Stockholm for her blog a little while back - check it out if you'd like!


Pille said...

Those baby blue ramekins are gorgeous, Anne - I've seen the large dish on Johanna's blog and fell in love instantly! I'll be in London in April, so I count on Johanna telling me where to buy these cuties:)
Enjoy your parcel!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely parcel!

Jessica said...

Jag köpte nyligen tomatformade små ugnsformar från Le Creuset. Man är ju inte riktigt klok ;).