Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Kitties are coming!

Wish us luck! I'm currently down in Dalarö with Gisele, our very pregnant kitty who lives here with my aunt, and she's about the drop her kittens at any time. It might be tonight, might be tomorrow - I'll keep you updated.

Meanwhile, today was Tuesday before lent - Shrove Tuesday, or "fat tuesday" as it's called in Sweden. That means we eat Semla. Read my post on that from last year - I don't have much to add as I still haven't had the energy (or the hankering) to make any from scratch. Shop-bought are fine with me.


Anonymous said...

oh, great!!! good luck!

Derek said...

Be sure to take some pictures of the kittens.

Jelly said...

Good Luck! I was wondering about the kittens when I clicked onto your site! I wish mom a safe delivery!