Sunday, December 04, 2005

Some things I've tried lately

Like so many others, I keep a running list of things I've read about in blogs and need to try. I do try lots of new things, and I have to be better about reporting back! Anyway, lately I've been trying out two new cakes with fruit, and one great side dish that I served for Thanksgiving. Yum!

From Kevin at Seriously Good - a delicious Corn Pudding! Mmm.. Corn is my favorite vegetable, and this was no exception. Creamy, soft and fluffy. I made this the day before I wanted to serve it, and just heated it a bit in the already hot oven - that worked out well.

From Molly at Orangette - a Ginger Pear upside down cake. This turned out to taste exactly like soft gingerbread cake, with pears. And that's always nice around christmas. This was a lot more holiday-ish than I would have expected from just reading the recipe, and it was also very tasty. Went very well with a small dollop of softly whipped cream. (And a shot of Amaretto. Wish I'd had some Xanté at hand, that'd have been even better!)

And from my favorite Estonian Pille, at Nami-Nami: A (non)-Canadian Apple Cake! Yeah, I can't really see the Canadian-ness in it, but I can understand the appeal of the cake itself. It was very flavorful and great served with ice cream. I overbaked mine a little bit so it dried out just a tad - still good, but I bet it'd have been even better if I had taken it out of the oven five minutes earlier. Oh well!


Kevin said...


I'm glad you liked the corn pudding -- it sure does look good with all that browned goodness on top.

Mona said...

Wow you've been very busy! EVerything you tried looks great (especially the corn pudding) -great choices!!

Michele said...

The cake looks delicious!

Viktoria said...

How do you have time? I´m deeply impressed!