Sunday, November 20, 2005

What I had for breakfast MeMe

Sunday Breakfast. Special. Always. Breakfasts usually are very quick these days, I normally just down a piece of bread and some tea or juice in five minutes, then leave for work. Or even have a yogurt at my desk at work, if I'm really rushed. But not on the weekend, oh no. We eat a lot of breakfast, and we take our sweet time with it. We generally don't eat lunch on Sundays, so breakfast is very hearty.

Weekends, and holidays, have always always always meant that breakfast will include a boiled egg. It's been like that for as long as I can remember. My parents still do it, and so do we. So, boiled egg (medium thanks, liquid yolk and set white) it is. I like plain salt on mine, Per likes Kalle's Kaviar, a very Swedish thing that's not really caviar, but some kind of salty fish egg product. You can see the tube in the picture, that blue thing next to the candle.

And speaking of candles, yes, we do have a lit candle almost every morning now when it's so dark outside. It's cosy. And yes, we eat at our coffee table, in front of the tv. Almost always. Yes. I know. But we don't have a proper table, or more exactly, nowhere to put one. So this is our solution.

So. We have my latte mug (vanilla/cinnamon syrups in a double shot of espresso and a wee bit of steamed milk, yum), my egg, the candle, Per's kaviar, my salt, Per's tea mug (hiding his egg from view), Per's very unadorned sandwiches and in front, my sandwich platter.

We like to eat bake-up bread in the weekends. You buy it ready made, almost, and just give it 7-8 minutes in the oven. Voila! Freshly baked bread, totally without the effort. Perfect.

Left to right, there's liver paste (see the v-log entry for why this is so necessary, Hamlet lives on this stuff), there's sharp cheese and tangy orange marmalade, and there's cream cheese and homemade raspberry/currant preserves. I don't always have the same toppings of course, but these are some of my favorites.

So, Hamlet gets a bite of the liver paste (or several licks, he doesn't like the bread much) and Kelly also has breakfast privileges. See, she completely loves boiled egg. It's her favorite thing in the whole world, and I just can't deny her anything. She's my little princess... We have boiled her an entire egg sometimes (complete with Kaviar, thank you.) but usually she just gets to eat some off my spoon.

Finally a short word on Swedish breakfasts in general. Swedes don't normally eat cooked breakafast. (Pancakes, sausages, bacon, eggs...) And they don't usually eat sweet things, either. (Or at least not very sweet.) Sandwiches, tea or coffee.. porridge for some.. and yogurt or buttermilk/kefir for some. That's about the variation we have.

This MeMe was called upon by Andrew from SpittoonExtra. Thanks for a fun little theme Andrew! :)


Anonymous said...

God søndag. jeg er også glad i egg i helgene. Med kaviar.

Anonymous said...

Is cereal popular there? That is very, very common here in the USA and is my every day breakfast. On the weekends we have scrambled eggs with toast. Thanks for sharing your breakfast tradition. It was interesting to read about.