Thursday, October 06, 2005

Eating out in Spain

We didn't go to a lot of restaurants - I wasn't in the mood to explore, since I had my allergic reaction, and we were satisfied with light meals - but we did go to two places. One is Chinese, the other British. I know, it's practically sacrilege - but everything else we ate was Spanish. The British one happened to have Fish'n'Chips-night, so that's what we got. Absolutely delicious. The fish was perfect, lightly battered and fried golden and fluffy. The fries were great too - the peas, well, no, not so much. But who cares, when you have so much fried food? Not me.

The Chinese - yum, and very different from Swedish Chinese restaurants. We ordered ribs, which is rarely found on menus here, but were startled by the bright red meat peeking out at us. Wow. I have no idea what they did to it to make it that color. It didn't taste like much, just vaguely sweet. The Chow Mein however, was great. I love good noodle dishes, and sadly I suck at cooking them myself. It's definitely on my list of things I need to learn though, because it's very comforting and tasty.


Anne said...

They actually were not, the waiter gave us a choice between mushy peas and.. garlic peas, I thought he said. So I opted for that. No trace of garlic though, just overcooked peas. Gah.

Mona said...

Those french fries look awesome. Now I think I'm going to have to get an order for lunch today. For some reason we Americans can't do fries like the Europeans. I know Belgium won my fry contest over there, but maybe because I've never been to Spain... : )