Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Honey Garlic Bread

Last Saturday's dinner. Neither of us felt like actual food, so we bought a baguette from our favorite store (which, again, is Ica Maxi. Their bread is incredibly good, despite them being a huge chain and all...) and slathered with honey garlic butter. Delicious! The recipe - not much of a recipe, just mix butter, honey, pressed garlic and some salt. Then put in the oven for five minutes or until butter has melted.

An update on my cat bite - it's infected. No huge surprise, as almost all cat bites apparently are. I spent NINE hours in the emergency room yesterday, and after finally seeing a doctor, I got a different kind of antibiotics. Lets hope these ones help a bit more.


Anonymous said...

be sure to take probiotics after your antibiotics or your digestion could get screwed up

eat stuff said...

oh that's terrible Anne!

I hope your hand is better soon

Anonymous said...

What a great combination - honey and garlic! I'lll have to try to make some of that someday. Is it more on the sweetside or garlic? I've cooked honey chilli garlic chicken and the combination is fantastic.

Anne said...

Clare - thank you. It does seem to be a little bit better today! :)

Simon - it's still more garlicky, but the honey mellows it and makes it.. more special than straight garlic bread, I'd say. And chilli - hey, that would be a great addition too. To really go full out, I'd even add a squeeze of lime, that should be delicious!!

Nic said...

Oh no! I do hope that the new antibiotics kick in soon, Anne.