Thursday, September 15, 2005

Fava beans!

Faithful readers may remember that I don't eat beans. In general. The only beans I can stand are fava beans, and those are not generally easy to find around here. In fact, I make my parents bring me frozen ones from Spain. But, the other day when me and Per went back to Rosendals Gardens, I bought a bunch of fresh fava beans. I just thought I'd show you what they look like. The above picture is before any kind of shelling, and this one is after the first shelling.

In retrospect, I should have left them at this. Instead, I removed the tough inner shell too, exposing the bright green kidney-shaped bean. And then I boiled them briefly in salted water. Sadly, some of them turned to mush. Next time, I think I'll leave them like this. Prettier, too.

Got a hankering for something to do with beans like this? I have two recipes I like a lot - Four Cheese Linguini with Fava beans and Gorgonzola Risotto with peas, mushrooms and fava beans. (Even though I did call them broad beans in that post. Same beans.)

I'll leave you for a while on this note - I'm going to Spain tomorrow, on our slightly-late honeymoon! I'll try to do a post for SHF tonight - custards, mmm! - but after that, my blogsitter Lena will take care of you. I have a couple of saved up posts that she'll make magically appear here, so I hope you won't miss me too much. (Ha, ha.) I'll be back soon, with (hopefully) wonderful stories of all the great Spanish food I'm planning on having!


Anonymous said...

I hope you'll have a great honeymoon. Enjoy yourself!

And favabeans are delicious. I can usually find them frozen in a small arabic shop in Lund whenever I visit my mother. Fava and kidenybeans are the best beans ever. I could eat them all the time.

Ziz said...

Tsk, lucky girl! Have a great Honeymoon!

I've never seen a favabeen before...looks interesting :)

AkaRound Peg said...

I live in Oman in the Middle east and in Arabic Fava beans are very popular. People eat them boiled and salted. SO often in small restaurants I see a sign that reads Foul and it took me quite a while to realise what the Foul referred to!!