Friday, August 19, 2005

What is this?

What on earth is that?

It's my ice cream maker. In its pajamas. See, my family bought this machine when I was ten or so. I loved it, but it made the most annoying noise you could ever imagine. My mom hated it. So, I'd beg her to make ice cream, and she'd refuse, just due to the sound.

In Sweden, little girls and boys learn sewing at school. I took the opportunity to make this.. um, "ice cream maker cozy" in class. To lessen the noise, you see. Does it work? A little. Maybe. But it still sounds like hell. Now I just turn it on and leave the room. Still using the cozy though. It's a decent dust cover, too.


Anonymous said...

*lol* That is so cute :-)

Homemade ice cream is great. All summer I've been thinking about buying the new book "Iskallt". The other day Aftonbladet posted some recipes from it:,2789,686506,00.html

I also have an issue of Allt om mat where they had an article with some other ice cream recpies from the above book. I havn't tried them yet though.

Anonymous said...

The whole address doesn't want to fit. After .../matovin/story/ it should be:


Anne said...

Dagmar, what a great idea! I should look for that book.. although maybe I'll wait until it goes on sale. Possibly. It sounds yummy though - especially lemon semifreddo. *drool*

Oh, and Gideon loved ice-cream as a kitten. Just a tip :) His sister goes absolutely nuts for it.

Farmgirl Susan said...

That's so cute! But now I really want some homemade ice cream. . . : )

Shelly said...

Hi Anne, I read your blog almost everyday....everything always looks wonderfull....its funny that your post today is about ice other favorite blog has something along the same lines...gelato....everyone must need to cool down!